Capcom registers new Devil May Cry 5 domain


After what feels like an eternity, we could finally be inching closer to a new entry in the Devil May Cry series soon.

Just a few weeks ago, it looks like Capcom registered a domain for Devil May Cry 5, which was recently uncovered by eagle-eyed ResetEra users

The site doesn't actually function right now, but it does exist. The Whois information on the domain points to a registration by GMO Internet, the same Japanese company that previously worked with Capcom to secure domains for games like Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World

The domain's nameservers were updated on June 1, despite being originally registered on May 18. That could mean that Capcom is preparing for an announcement to drop in the near future, most likely during E3 2018. It's only a week away, meaning it might not be very long at all until Capcom starts to show its hand for this year. 

The last numbered Devil May Cry title was Devil May Cry 4, which debuted ten years back ago in 2008 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It introduced a new protagonist in the form of Nero, who featured a different playstyle than that of series mainstay Dante. Nero's Devil Bringer weapon allowed for additional platforming mechanics to be added to the game, which helped to change things up from the previous outings with Dante and his Rebellion sword. 

Capcom has yet to formally announce a new Devil May Cry game just yet, and obviously a domain registration doesn't prove anything. But after going years with no news for the series, fans are already getting excited at the prospect.

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