Destiny 2 factions guide: Which one is best for you?

Destiny 2's Faction Rallies are week-long events where players must pledge their allegiance to one of three factions to earn tokens to turn in for exclusive gear.

Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy all offer different types of weapons and armor, and we're here to help you pick which one to choose if you're not loyal to one already.

The faction that is rewarded the most faction packages overall will win the Faction Rally, and their exclusive winner's offering weapon will be available for all to purchase for just 1,000 glimmer. Otherwise, they will cost 50,000.

Dead Orbit

Image via Activision

Dead Orbit believes that Earth is dying and that our future lives in the stars. This faction sports a black, white, gray, and camo color scheme. Their leader, Arach Jalaal, offers armor for all classes, weapons, and shaders.

In season three's Faction Rallies, Dead Orbit offers one of the best Exotic Catalysts in the game—the Graviton Lance. Pledging to Dead Orbit can earn you the Graviton Lance's Masterwork Catalyst, which will offer +20 range, +15 aim assist, and the Hidden Hand perk.

Dead Orbit also has the Exotic ornament for the Eye of Another World Warlock helmet, so Warlocks and Graviton Lance users will want to speak to Arach Jalaal.

Future War Cult

Image via Activision

Future War Cult believes that a big war is coming, and that the future has been seen. War is a constant, and they want to be always ready for the fight. FWC's color scheme is dark blue/violet, red, and yellow. Lakshmi-2 is their leader, and she offers armor for every class, weapons, and shaders.

Future War Cult also has a pretty awesome Exotic Catalyst for the Sunshot handcannon. This Catalyst offers +30 range and +20 stability, making it a beast in the Energy weapon slot. FWC also has the ornament for Knucklehead Radar Hunter helmet, and some of the best-looking armor this Faction Rally has to offer.

New Monarchy

Image via Activision

New Monarchy believes that a strong Earth is essential for a strong humanity, and that a strong leader is required. They wish to appoint an all-powerful leader, but only if the rest of the democracy agrees. This faction sports a red and gold color scheme, and their leader, Executor Hideo, offers armor for all classes, five weapons, and shaders.

New Monarchy has an interesting red and orange color scheme in this event, which is disappointing considering it had the best-looking armor throughout the first few Faction Rallies in Destiny 2.

This time, New Monarchy has the Catalyst for Sweet Business. This Catalyst will add a new perk to the minigun which decreases flinch from incoming damage when the gun is fully spun up. New Monarchy also has the ornament for the Titan chest piece Crest of Alpha Lupi.

New in season 3

A new feature in season three Faction Rallies is Renown, which changes the way you earn tokens to hand in to Faction vendors for rank-up packages.

Players can earn Renown by completing a public event or patrol, or by defeating high-value targets on destinations. Players who loot a Lost Sector will earn more tokens than usual, and the more stacks of Renown you have, the more tokens you earn.

Renown will also increase difficulty, however, as health regeneration will be vastly reduced with each stack, although enemies have a chance to drop health orbs. Player damage will decrease with each stack, while incoming damage will be increased. While Renown is active, players will have a glowing logo of the faction they pledged for on the back of their heads.

In the end, the choice of faction this time around will all come down to personal preference. It depends on which Exotic Catalyst you like, and many will choose Dead Orbit due to Graviton Lance's domination in Crucible. Plus the ornament they offer is too cool to turn down.

The choice is yours, and soon, the loot will be yours too.