Paladins is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 12


Paladins is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 12—the same day as Nintendo's E3 Press Conference.

Paladins was originally released on Sept. 16, 2016 on Steam and has been downloaded over 17 million times as of Sept. 2017. The Switch version of the game will support 60 FPS game play and will come with cross-platform multiplayer. That means that when Switch owners log on, they could be playing against or alongside players on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Mac.

It is the first hero FPS shooter to come to the console and will surely capitalise on the omission of other similar titles like Overwatch. Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch has long been dreamed about by players and fans, but according to Blizzard it's unlikely. Last month game producer Matthew Haley said there were "challenges" in bringing the game to new platforms, and it wasn't being actively explored.

Paladins was one of a bunch of leaked E3 Nintendo Switch titles that included Fortnite and Dragon Ball FighterZ. This official announcement for Paladins lends further credence to those leaks, so fans of those games will be even more excited for their potential unveiling next week at the event.

Despite perhaps not being as popular as competing title Overwatch, Hi-Rez have put a lot of resources behind Paladins. The developer created an esports league for the game that signed an exclusive streaming partnership with Facebook. Hi-Rez is also working on a battle royale mode for the game.

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