EA officially unveils Unravel 2 | E3 2018


Unravel 2 was announced today during EA Play 2018, a sequel to the original puzzle game that found you roaming a gorgeous new world as a small red yarn character.

The team showed off a quick co-op moment with both red and blue Yarny characters taking turns keeping away from a large turkey, so that one character could reach an important area in the level. 

The sequel to the original game will allow for two players to play in tandem together, and is said to be "friendlier" and "more challenging" than the original. The Yarnys in this game are a much more lithe pair of characters and even move more quickly than the characters in the first game. Rather than focusing on crafting a puzzler based more on environmental hazards, it's been transformed into more of a platforming game. 

The puzzle platformer from Coldwood Interactive released three years ago back in 2015, and featured an anthropomorphic yarn character named Yarny.

If you're interested in trying out the colorful new puzzle title, you don't even have to wait very long. It's actually coming out today, so grab a friend to play alongside you and get going today, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. There was no announcement for a Switch release, unfortunately.

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