Devil May Cry 5 revealed with action-packed new footage | E3 2018


Ten years since the release of Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry 5 and Hideaki Itsuno have returned for the newest numbered release in the series. Today, during Microsoft's Xbox E3 2018 showcase, the game was shown off with a colorful and frenetic new trailer, including an appearance from series mainstay Dante at the very end.

Capcom has taken the reins once more from Ninja Theory after the excellent departure that was DmC, for a title that takes place years after the previous demonic conflicts. 

The game follows protagonist Nero as he returns from a bit of an exile—we hadn't seen him since Devil May Cry 4. A demonic invasion has occurred, and young demon hunter Nero has been spotted without his iconic demonic arm, which previously granted him his incredible strength.

Demons are attacking Red Grave City, and Nero loads up in his motorhome called Devil May Cry with his partner Nico to fight them off. Dante appears to be missing right now, though we saw glimpses of both Dante and antagonist Vergil in the trailer. 

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"Things must be settled," the game's official press release reads, "once and for all."

Not much has changed in terms of gameplay, it seems—it looks like the addictive and frenetic combat of Devil May Cry titles past, with plenty of stylish combos and attacks to pull off against the advancing demonic hordes. 

Devil May Cry 5 is targeting a spring 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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