Another Nintendo Switch datamine says that Fortnite will be available to play tomorrow


Another datamine of Nintendo's eShop has revealed more information about an upcoming release of Fortnite on the Switch, including a potential release date.

The new information, posted by dataminer Simon Aarons on Twitter, shows that Fortnite is due to release on the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, June 12. That's the same day that Nintendo's E3 briefing, so it's likely that the game will be announced for the platform in that show.

A previous leak at the end of May claimed that Fortnite would be announced during Nintendo's E3 presentation, and further datamines later solidified the rumor. Fortnite was even listed for the Switch on a Korean game classification.

The Switch is just about the last platform that Fortnite is not yet available on. The massively popular battle royale game is currently playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS devices, with plans for it to come to Android sometime this summer.

If the game does come to the Switch, which is looking increasingly likely, the potential for Nintendo-related content is exciting. Just imagine Mario-themed skins, or a Samus skin from Metroid, or a Yoshi skin, or a Kirby glider. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

We will know more definitively within the next 24 hours as Nintendo's E3 showcase begins tomorrow, June 12, at 11am CT.

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