Super Mario Party is coming to the Nintendo Switch this October | E3 2018


Super Mario Party is coming to the Nintendo Switch this October, Nintendo announced today at E3.

The long-running Mario Party series is making its debut on the Switch, and it's bringing a bunch of new ways to play the ultimate mini-game game.

The trailer showed off a really cool new way to play Mario Party with two different Switch units. Four players gathered around the two Switch screens and combined them to play different party modes in a variety of ways.

As with most Switch games, there's different control schemes, but the focal point of the trailer was to show multiple Switch units being used. The players used four different JoyCons from the two Switch units to play the game.

Two Switches are obviously cool, but they aren't needed. The game will be playable in classic form as well, but you will obviously need multiple controllers to play with friends in local co-op. It isn't known if there will be online play for the game.

Super Mario Party will release on Oct. 5, 2018.

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