Bungie reveals new details on Destiny 2: Forsaken's new enemy type, the Scorn


When Bungie revealed the story trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken, fans were left in shock. The short video had no dialogue but it said many things, including the biggest revelation that the beloved Cayde-6 is dead.

The trailer features Cayde's death at the hands of Uldren Sov, the brother of the Awoken Queen Mara Sov. Uldren hasn't been seen since 2015's The Taken King expansion for Destiny, and this time he has some new "friends." These friends are the Scorn, a new enemy in the expansion.

Forsaken project lead Scott Taylor and Bungie game director Chris Barrett gave some new information about the Scorn in an interview with Heavy.com, revealing that they're something of a new faction of Fallen—with a dark twist.

The trailer shows Uldren walking off from Cayde's corpse with a group of Barons, the big bads that players will hunt down in their quest for revenge in Forsaken. Some of them had been revealed in Bungie's ViDoc about Forsaken last week.

"These are part of what we’re calling the Scorn," said Taylor. "They are reanimated. They’ve died many times and have been resurrected. They were Fallen at one point, but they have changed into something else."

"Yep, they are a new faction, a new group called the Scorn," confirmed Barrett. "They have been resurrected. Think of them as Fallen zombies, Fallen undead–that kind of thing. So they’re going to be pretty terrifying. They have a lot of new abilities and gameplay that we haven’t seen from the Fallen."

The Fallen are already pretty formidable enemies, but now they're undead? And they have Uldren Sov leading them? How did they even get resurrected? Things could get pretty dark when Forsaken launches on Sept. 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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