Super Mario Party to return to its roots, has over 80 mini-games | E3 2018

New gameplay details for Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch were revealed on Nintendo's Twitch livestream.

The game will return to the series' roots with players sharing a board and rolling dice every turn, with a minigame occurring after every player has successfully moved on the board. The player who has the most stars at the end of a set amount of turns wins the game.

There will be 80 mini-games available to play in-game split between the classic four-player, two-vs-two, and one-vs-three formats. There are some unique mini-games that will be coming to the title, however.

One of these unique games were shown of in the trailer has two Switch screens combined together to play a tank mini-game. Depending on how you set up the screens, the layout of the stage would shape accordingly.

In a new twist for the series, players will be given character specific dice to choose from in-game that give their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Bowser, who is a new character in the series, for instance, has a dice that could make you lose three coins at the price of potentially getting a 10-space roll.

Super Mario Party was a surprise announcement during Nintendo's E3 press conference yesterday and is set to release on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 5.

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