Temtem is coming to Nintendo Switch after reaching its funding goal on Kickstarter

Crema has recently gained $250,000 on Kickstarter for Temtem, a massive multiplayer creature-collection game inspired by the Pokémon series, reaching its Nintendo Switch stretch goal in the process.

Crema, the developer behind the game, was originally looking for $70,000 to fund Temtem for a late 2019 release on PC when the Kickstarter was launched on May 29. They successfully reached this goal mere days later, however, on June 3.

The next goal that Kickstarter backers can raise money toward will be the addition of a replay feature, giving players an option to look back at their competitive matches to improve their gameplans for next time. Crema is looking for $280,000 in total donations to reach this goal.

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There's also a further stretch goal of $400,000 that hasn't been released at this time. So far, the project has funded the base game and a Nuzlocke mode based off of a fan-made mode in Pokémon that forces a player to stop using a Pokémon if it faints, which greatly increases the difficulty of the game. Mounts, a new mythical temtem, and an arcade bar have also been unlocked thanks to this Kickstarter campaign.

When making Temtem, Crema looked at the Pokémon community to determine features that could be added to the game, turning longtime fan requests into a reality. The MMO experience, a ban system in competitive matches, and many more features all came from Pokémon community's long-term desires, for example.

Nintendo Switch owners will be happy to get their hands on Temtem whenever the game is released.

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