Cyberpunk 2077 team confirms multiple sexualities for NPCs, targeting release on current-gen consoles


With E3 2018 having come and gone, we've learned a lot about CD Projekt Red's sprawling upcoming RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. The details continue trickle out now, with bits and pieces here and there that make the game sound like an incredibly innovative and exciting time. Some of the details we've gleaned from various interviews and impressions pieces revolve around how romance options will work, and it sounds like players will have plenty of choices facing them in the game. 

Quest designer Patrick Mills confirmed to Game Informer that there will be a wider selection of romance options than even Geralt of Rivia faced in The Witcher 3. Players can choose their character's gender and background, and this will play into which NPCs are available to date. While Geralt's sexuality was tied to the Witcher lore, players are free to identify as they please in Cyberpunk 2077

Mills confirmed that players can choose their character's sexuality, with gay, bisexual, and straight NPCs. This diversified range of options should make for much more immersive role-playing, which Mills confirms was the aim, "because we want them to feel real and that they have preferences as well."

"We're aiming for big, complicated relationships that continue over the course of the game, but also casual encounters that don't matter that much," Mills said. This hints at the possibility of one night stands, which could be an exciting concept, especially since in other games where romance is an option, it's usually one partner for the rest of the game or none at all. 

We may not have to wait that much longer to play the game and see what all of this is about, either, at least beyond our selection of current-gen consoles. Mills said during the same interview that the team is "aiming for" the current console generation, in terms of a release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

There's no release date in mind for Cyberpunk 2077, and the company has maintained that it will come out "when it's ready." If you can't wait to put money down and reserve your copy, you can go ahead and preorder the game now, however.

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