Pokémon Quest coming to mobile June 28


The newest game in the Pokémon universe, Pokémon Quest, will be expanding to new platforms next week.

The game, which so far has only been available for Nintendo Switch, is coming to iOS and Android on June 28. The app is available to pre-order on the Apple App Store now. Players with Android devices can pre-register on the Google Play Store.

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Players assume the familiar role of a Pokémon adventurer, travelling to the new location of Tumblecube Island. There you'll find all the familiar original 150 Pokémon—but they look a little different. They are all in adorable cube forms. it doesn't have the depth of a core Pokémon game of course, but it's a pretty enjoyable game in the mobile tapper style.

There's no ongoing microtransactions, but there are one-off purchases available that make progression a lot easier.

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The game seems a natural fit for mobile devices. The controls are best enjoyed with a touch screen, so it works best in handheld mode on the Switch.

On iOS, the game will work on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 9.0 or later. For Android, OS 4.4 is required as a minimum with 2GB of RAM. It's a 352MB file on iOS, with Android file size dependent on the device.

The game is pretty fun, so it's worth checking on whatever device you have available. If nothing else, it might scratch that Pokémon itch a little bit until November's release of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.

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