You can buy your American Girl doll an Xbox One set


Microsoft now offers a tiny Xbox One S—but it's actually for your American Girl doll. American Girl launched an Xbox Gaming Set with Microsoft that includes all the accessories these dolls need to go professional.

The Xbox Gaming Set from American Girl includes a tiny Xbox One S console that projects 10 different gaming scenes, a tiny Xbox One S controller, a faux-leather gaming chair with a built-in speaker, a wireless gaming headset, and two game discs and their cases. None of the accessories actually work like the real thing, but they can be interacted with.

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Microsoft director of programming Larry Hryb shared the American Girl gaming set on Twitter on June 19. It costs $50 and is purchasable from the American Girl website.

Fan reaction on Twitter is mixed. Many are confused as to who the product is for. But others in the responses are refuting that confusion—there are tons of children that love dolls and video games. The Xbox Gaming Set is part of American Girl's "Truly Me" which markets itself as a diverse, expansive line that is "a celebration of all girls and what makes each one of a kind."

American Girl's Xbox Gaming Set is on sale now through the company's website. A doll is not included with the set, but can be bought separately. And if you just want a tiny Xbox One S, that's fine, too. And why wouldn't you? It's adorable.

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