Modern Warfare 3 is backward compatible on Xbox One


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the newest game to become backward compatible on Xbox One, Microsoft revealed earlier today via Twitter.

The game is the eighth CoD game that has been made backward compatible, but it may be the biggest one yet. MW3 is one of the most popular titles in the historic franchise's history, with some fans claiming it is the greatest game made by Activision.

Players that own a physical or digital copy of Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 can either insert the disc into their Xbox One or download the game from the Xbox One Store. Players that do not own the classic first-person shooter can buy the game on the Xbox One Store for $29.99 or $14.99 with Xbox Live Gold.

All four of the DLC packs are also available for purchase, with each marked at $14.99 on the store. Users that have the same account from when they originally played will have the same content and stats they did years ago.

The game features the dramatic conclusion of the Modern Warfare campaign story, which follows Captain John Price, who throughout the series aimed to track down the mastermind behind World War III, Vladimir Makarov.

Makarov had been able to escape Price and his team's clutches for several years, but in MW3, Price gets closer than he ever did before.

Fans of the Modern Warfare series will likely be ecstatic to play the final installment, but some may be wondering when its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2, will become backward compatible.

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