Twitch now allows broadcasters to use six Extensions simultaneously


Twitch has announced that, starting today, streamers now have the ability to utilize up to six video Extensions at once.

Twitch users can activate three overlay Extensions on a video, plus three more of them below a video player. This should help streamers up their interactivity which broadcasting, especially since Twitch has "thousands" more Extensions in development right now. 

Extensions are Twitch-exclusive apps that function as "plug-ins" for streams, whether they help display leaderboards, loadouts, followers, or other various aspects of a creator's stream. There's a wide variety of them available to use, ranging from the frivolous to the hardcore. 

If you're a Twitch streamer, you can head to your channel dashboard's Extensions Manager to change up settings for your future broadcasts. You'll find that there are new ways to sort Extensions by category, such as those for games, music, and a selection of "Partner Picks" as well, which are an assortment of apps recommended by top users on the platform. 

The community had been clamoring for the ability to incorporate several Extensions at once ever since their arrival on Twitch, according to Ryan Lubinski, Product Manager of Extensions.

"We heard them loud and clear," Lubinski said in the announcement. "so now creators can combine multiple overlays and tools to bring more interactivity to their channels and videos." 

If you're someone who spends a lot of time on Twitch or perhaps even a full-time streamer, this is excellent news, as it means you won't have to rely solely on your capture equipment and program to provide apps to use on stream. It's absolutely worth checking out—especially now that you can use six at a time.

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