Nightclubs are coming to GTA Online next month


Los Santos is about to get a lot funkier. The nightlife scene is set to improve in GTA Online with the addition of Nightclubs, beginning next month. It looks like an entire set of famous DJs are setting up in underground dance clubs throughout the city so you and your friends can dance until dawn, or set up nightclubs and start raking in the cash... either legitimately or as a front for another operation. 

Real-world acts Tale of Us, Dixon, Solomon, and The Black Madonna are providing hot tracks as they set up "residencies" in Los Santos, with plenty of thumping beats to lose your mind to in warehouses and clubs all across town. Starting in July, you'll be able to open up a new Nightclub where you can invite DJs to play, right down to its design, staffing, setup in general, and promotion to get the word out to the people. 

If you want, you can keep things above board by becoming a Nightclub manager, or you could use your new establishment as a cover for ventures such as The Open Road, Disruption Logistics, SecuroServ and Free Trade Shipping Co. Ever watched Breaking Bad? Your Nightclub can be Walter White's car wash operation, you see?

Rockstar Games promises additional details are on their way soon, as well as how to get on the "Guest List" and obtain exclusive rewards while running your own spot on the nightlife circuit. It certainly sounds like a cool new venture for GTA Online fans. 

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