Tracklist suggests Drake wrote a song about Fortnite and Ninja on his upcoming album


It's hard to imagine Fortnite becoming any more popular at this point—but rapper and Degrassi: The Next Generation alumni Drake might be taking the game's credibility to a whole new level tomorrow.

Drake's upcoming album Scorpion is set to be released tomorrow, June 29. The tracklist was revealed earlier today and it features a whopping 25 songs. But one song in particular has caught the attention of Fortnite fans and the gaming community.

The last song mentioned on the B Side of Scorpion is called "March 14." This might not mean much at first glance, but Fortnite fans will recall this as the day when Drake played the popular battle royale game with Twitch superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

Last March, Drake and Ninja set the record at the time on Twitch for the most concurrent viewers on an individual channel. The duo also teamed up with rapper Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster to go for some Victory Royales.

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Obviously there's been no indication that "March 14" is definitely about Fortnite—but a lot of fans are extremely hopeful. Ninja seemed to be in awe when he saw someone mention the song title on Twitter.

Ninja and Drake spoke about the possibility of Fortnite being featured in the upcoming album during their stream, too.

Ninja said, "you gotta put some Fortnite lingo in the album," and Drake responded by saying he'd do it "when Epic gives me a 'Hotline Bling' emote."

A "Hotline Bling" emote hasn't been added to Fortnite just yet, but maybe Drake will honor his half of the deal. Everyone will find out if "March 14" truly is a Fortnite song—or just some quasi-mean thing about Pusha T—when Drake's album Scorpion is released tomorrow.

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