Hearthstone Ranked Play changes will impact Legend players starting in July


It's no secret that Hearthstone players have been upset about matchmaking in the Legend rank—but Blizzard plans to address this as early as next month.

Blizzard community manager Jesse Hill wrote a forum post earlier today to talk about how the company will "help improve the Legend rank experience."

"Some players have been raising concerns that matchmaking at Legend ranks isn't working properly," Hill said. "Please rest assured that we have not changed the matchmaking calculations since our 10.2 update. However, the Ranked Play update from 10.2 did result in an increased number of people reaching Legend, and their matchmaking values being much closer together."

Hill said that losing games at the lower Legend ranks can lead to these players facing off against non-Legend competitors. And if a Legend player gets a low matchmaking rating, gaining ranks again can be a grueling process.

But Blizzard hopes to fix this issue with the start of the July Ranked Play season.

"Ranked Play is very important to us, and we've been watching this situation very closely as it has evolved since March," Hill said. "To help improve the Legend rank experience, we are changing how Legend players get matched against non-Legend players, starting with our July Ranked Play Season. With that change, Legend players will have to lose significantly more games before matching against a non-Legend player."

It's also interesting to note that Hill mentioned "additional changes to Ranked Play will be coming later this year." Although it's unclear what exactly this is referring to, it seems like Blizzard has more in store for Ranked Play in 2018.

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