SGDQ 2018 reaches $1 million in donations


This year's Summer Games Done Quick (or SGDQ) has just raised $1 million for charity on its fifth day during the speedrun of Goof Troop, one of Capcom's classic Disney games on the Super Nintendo.

The charity marathon began on June 24 and still has two more days to go until it end. The organization looks to raise as much money as possible for Doctors Without Borders through speedrun marathons, races and prize raffles. Donations can still be made now directly through the viewing page available at

Most GDQ events take awhile to raise the initial million with the past two Awesome Games Done Quick (or AGDQ) events raising one million dollars by the final two days. SGDQ 2018, however, has reached this amount with a few days to spare. Fans are hoping this summer's event will be the first to raise two million dollars in a week.

The news follows GDQ'a announcement earlier in the week that the speedrunning marathon event organization has reached a huge milestone, surpassing $15 million raised throughout its history for charitable causes. On top of Doctors Without Borders, GDQ has raised money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Organization for Autism Research, and CARE, one of the largest humanitarian groups in the world. GDQ has been running events since 2010. Summer Games Done Quick was introduced soon after, in 2011.

Following SGDQ, GDQ's next event will be a brand new show called GDQ express (GDQx) that will take place at TwitchCon 2018 from Oct. 26 to 28 in San Jose, California. The GDQx games lineup, schedule, and the participating competitors will be announced at a later date.

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