Arena of Valor's beta is live on the Nintendo Switch


Tencent's Arena of Valor is now up for beta-testing on the Nintendo Switch.

Arena of Valor is the first major MOBA to arrive on Nintendo's flagship console, and according to Tencent, it's the largest mobile game in the world with over 200 million players. As a mobile MOBA already, playing it on the Switch should feel familiar for its many, many fans. If you're interested in trying it out, you can register on the official game website.

Originally, the beta was supposed to run from June 28 until July 12, but according to Tencent's press release, this test run will end on July 5. If you're awarded with a beta key after you've signed up, you can access the official Discord server to provide any feedback on bugs, updates, and gameplay.

This beta offers players a chance to see the game in all of its upgraded glory. On the Switch, the game will have stronger graphics and visual improvements. Eventually it will have a one-on-one game mode, although the beta only features the traditional five-on-five.

On top of the beta's launch, the mobile version of the game started its World Cup-themed event, Football Fever, which turns Arena of Valor into a game of football with a fantasy twist. Matches in this mode last about four minutes long.

If you're interested in the esports side of the game, Arena of Valor's World Cup takes place in Los Angeles from July 27 to 28, where teams will compete for a $550,000 prize pool.

Otherwise, you have about one week to give the Switch beta a spin, so be sure to sign up on Arena of Valor's website soon if you're interested.

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