Pokémon Quest mobile release makes $3 million in its first week


People love Pokémon, and it shows. Nintendo's latest foray into mobile games with Pokémon Quest, previously a Switch exclusive, has proven to be another massive boon for the company. According to mobile analyst firm Sensor Tower, the game has already amassed about $3 million in global player spending after just one week.

The free-to-start game debuted on iOS and Android devices seven days ago and has already been installed 3.5 million times, according to Sensor Tower's estimates. A little over half the reported revenue has been from the iOS version of he game, with the other 44 percent gleaned from Google Play.

In terms of where the money is coming from, much of the revenue has come from Japanese players, a whopping 31 percent of spending in the app. Pokémon Quest fans in the United States comprise about 25 percent of the spending, with South Korean players ranking in at third place with 12 percent. 

Pokémon Quest is a colorful, free app that allows players to travel alongside blockier versions of their favorite pocket monsters across Tumblecube Island, creating camps and recruiting new friends along the way. There's no traditional battling or training in the game, like in Nintendo's classic Pokémon titles, but it's still attracting an astronomical amount of players with the allure of free play and an interesting twist on the franchise. It's a casual game that's quite rewarding, despite some of the typical free-to-play trappings that are still mired in. 

In just two days after its initial release, it amassed over one million downloads. Looks like the only way to go is up for this cute mobile title. 

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