A Europe-wide Pokémon Go event is now live


A brand new Europe-wide event for Pokémon Go that will see a bunch of rare, exclusive, Pokémon become available for a limited-time only.

The event comes on the heels of the Pokémon Go Safari Zone event that was held in Dortmund, Germany, over the weekend. The event saw 170,000 trainers head to the city to complete quests and find rare Pokemon like Corsola and Unown.

The event, however, was plagued with issues on the Saturday morning which stopped trainers from finding Pokémon for a short period of time. Although Niantic were able to overcome the issues quickly, a lot of fans still were upset that they were unable to take part in the festivities.

To make up for it Niantic is hosting this event to give those trainers, and many who couldn't attend the event, a chance to join in on the fun. Starting today until July 4, rare Pokémon that were in Dortmund like Corsola and the Shiny Roselia will be available across Europe for anyone to find and capture.

Niantic will also be increasing the amount of XP trainers can get from catching Pokemon, taking part in raids, and hatching eggs during this time.

In addition, Articuno will be added to Raid Battles alongside its Shiny form. Trainers will also give five free raid passes when they spin five Pokéstops to help them to catch this legendary bird Pokémon.

Both the XP boost and Articuno will be available for everyone around the world, with rare Pokémon spawns exclusive to players in Europe.

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