War Mode returns to PUBG with new twists


War Mode is finally returning to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a few months after the developers promised to revive it.

Originally, War Mode would see ten three-person squads drop down onto a random point in Erangel, the game's original map, for a deathmatch-esque mode. The first team to reach 200 points won.

Now the rules are changing thanks to the new Huntsmen and Marksmen event rules. Ten teams of five players will now drop down into Sanhok, PUBG's latest map, with every player spawning with a shotgun, handgun, grenades, and a few bandages.

Every 110 seconds in the match, care packages will drop down. These packages will include ranged weapons and "powerful items" that players can grab to get an edge. The care packages seem to have been added to reduce the amount of players camping throughout the game and reward players for taking bigger risks on the battlefield.

Players earn one point by downing an enemy and three points if they successfully kill a foe. Defeated players will then respawn in the next plane that flies overhead to drop back down into the map to rejoin the battle. If a team doesn't reach 200 points in the 15-minute time window, then the team with the most points wins.

The mode is currently live on all servers and will end on July 8 at 9pm CT. The mode is available for both TPP and FPP modes in the NA, EU, and AS servers while other servers can only play the game using TPP settings.

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