Far Cry 5's Lost on Mars DLC blasts off this month


Far Cry 5's second DLC expansion Lost on Mars is set to debut next week. Ubisoft has given us a small morsel of what to expect with a new teaser. The far-out add-on takes players from the confines of Montana and transports them to Mars for an interplanetary mission, with plenty of space-themed action and pulpy sci-fi comic flavor. 

The mission follows Nick Rye on his way to rescue Hurk. He's been teleported all the way to Mars after being seduced by some sort of sexy alien. A commonplace situation we've all found ourselves in at one point or another. Rye is whisked off into space to combat Martian enemies, some super-gross spiders and bugs in dire need of extermination. He'll also need to get an AI with the power to keep humanity safe back online.

There's a variety of space-themed weapons and abilities you can rely on to get you through the Mars mission in one piece, including Space Jets, the single-shot space gun Blaster of Disaster, and the Hellfire, which shoots out a "dozen bouncing laser balls." But don't neglect the mysterious Morphinator, which will supposedly "turn predators into prey." After you wreak havoc on the red planet, you can then bring all these weird weapons back into the main campaign, for some terrestrial hijinks. 

The Lost on Mars expansion will be available as part of Far Cry 5's Season Pass, or individually as a standalone purchase. You can pick it up on all platforms beginning on July 17. 

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