GvG characters we'd like to see return in The Boomsday Project


Hearthstone's next expansion, The Boomsday Project has been revealed—and it has a pretty familiar look in some ways.

Although the setting and theme are way more developed, the expansion has some similarities to Goblins vs Gnomes. The comparison is inevitable, given the man behind the Boomsday setting is Dr Boom, the most popular legendary from GvG.

We can be almost sure Dr Boom is returning, in fact the Warrior Hero we got a glimpse of in the trailer could well be the main guy himself. We've seen characters like Hemet and Elise return in the past, too.

So what other characters from the GvG set should return in the The Boomsday Project?

Mimiron's Head

The first thing that came to mind when the video discussed the Magnetic mechanic was Mimiron's Head. It was kind of a precursor to this mechanic, and you could hazard a guess that it somewhat inspired it. Obviously, it couldn't just be a straight upgrade to V-07-TR-0N—there would have be an order or something. That might get complicated, but we'd love to see a return of that epic animation.

Troggzor the Earthinator

Let's be real—there's one card who never got the justice he deserved when this set first went out. Troggzor. Everyone thought he was going to be really good before the expansion, with a ton of pros and streamers picking him in their most anticipated cards. The set came out and everyone crafted him. And it turned out he was just not impactful enough—especially when compared to Dr Boom. I know he doesn't fit the theme... but maybe he could come back as some kind of Frankenstein's monster lab creation? #JusticeForTroggzor

Antique Healbot

Antique Healbot was quietly one of the most successful cards of Goblins vs Gnomes. It was a staple of control decks to provide consistent survivability, and has been missed ever since it rotated out. Refreshment Vendor tried to fill the spot but it just wasn't the same. Maybe this Antique Healbot could be brought back into to service to once again to power a new wave of slower decks.


If we're bringing back goblins, we have to look at this guy. Gazlowe is an icon—a fashion icon at that. Mech controls are so in this year. He enjoyed brief spells in decks, with the synergy between Spare Part cards and his effect, but this time he could do with something different. The stats didn't really justify playing him most of the time.


If Dr Boom is running a crazy experimental laboratory, he's going to need a butler. Obviously. So clearly he's going to make himself a Jeeves. This was a really fun card from the set that really embodied the fun of the Mech tribal without being annoying like Mechwarper and cards like that.


Speaking of fun mechs, how about Blingtron? He's an instantly recognizable character, and his effect was super cool. Getting a golden weapon was a real thrill. Obviously it's never that good to give your opponent a weapon... so maybe he can do something different this time?

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