Here are the first cards revealed from the Boomsday Project expansion


The Boomsday Project, Hearthstone's next expansion, has been revealed, and that means it's time to get hyped about some cards.

A few cards were shown off in the initial teaser video which unexpectedly went online this morning. They mostly show off the newest game mechanic and some of the things coming as part of this set.

The new mechanic is Magnetic. These cards can be played as regular minions, but if you have another Mech on the board you can play them as spells. So with Spider Bomb, you can give a friendly Mech +2/+2 and the Deathrattle. We'll need to see other mechs to be able to assess how good these combinations will be.

The expansion will also add a series of Omega cards which have special effects if you have 10 mana crystals. They don't cost ten mana, but they aren't exactly worth playing until you get there. The Omega Defender gains 10 attack, making it a four mana 12/6 with Taunt.

The set will also include a series of Project cards. These are powerful spells that affect both players, like the Biology Project. This one mana spell is basically a permanent pre-nerf Innervate, but for both players.

This will also be the first expansion with legendary spells, meaning all types of cards now have legendaries. The first one shown off is a Rogue legendary, Myra's Unstable Element, that draws the rest of your deck. Obviously, this won't be something you want to play too early either. Perhaps between cards like this and the Omegas, Blizzard is trying to encourage slow gameplay.

The final card revealed was a new Shaman legendary. Electra Stormsurge is an Elemental 3/3, that causes your next spell to trigger twice. Imagine this with a big swing like Volcano, or Bloodlust. This could be a big swing play in Shaman decks.

More cards will be revealed in the coming weeks, with the kickoff reveal stream on July 23 starting things off.

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