Ban wave coming for Rainbow Six Siege as Ubisoft combats hacking


Cheaters and hackers in Rainbow Six Siege is enraging the community more than ever before. According to Ubisoft's announcement yesterday, the company is prepared to take action.

During the upcoming week of July 16, Ubisoft will be launching a ban wave targeted at all players that have been boosted by cheating. This will directly affect around 600 accounts, according to the announcement, and Ubisoft will follow-up with even more security measures.

One of the most important new features included in the announcement is Ubisoft's newly-improved hotfix system. Apparently the company can now immediately deploy hotfixes to block certain hacks right after a fix is found, which theoretically means much less exploitation. This new technology includes the hotfix that was deployed yesterday, which supposedly was a success.

As another barrier against cheaters, Ubisoft will soon require all players to set up and enable two-step verification to play ranked games, which involves using a mobile authenticator to log into your account. This would mean your account would be bound to your mobile device, allowing Ubisoft to target your identity directly when dishing out a ban for cheating. This will make it much harder for you to get back into the game after being punished, even once.

Ubisoft also has plans to enable a new system which will negate your MMR gains and losses when playing in games with cheaters, as well as a possible new restrictions on queueing up with players with vastly different ranks than you to avoid boosting. So you'll have to choose your company wisely.

In vaguer news, the game developer has also stated that internal efforts have been made to "discover weak points" in its architecture to correct issues before hackers are able to find them. Ubisoft didn't share details on this front, but obviously if more hacking is prevented, that would only be a good thing for the health of the game.

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