Subnautica dives into PlayStation 4 this year


Tense survival adventure game Subnautica is taking the plunge to PlayStation 4 with the assistance of Panic Button, the developer responsible for the Nintendo Switch ports of Warframe, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Developer Unknown Worlds is tapping the studio for assistance, since moving from PC to console can be a "difficult process," according to Subnautica producer Hugh Jeremy. 

"We were not moving fast enough, so we decided to shake things up and bring in outside help," Jeremy explained on the official Subnautica blog following the port's announcement. "We’ve partnered with Panic Button Games to finish Subnautica on Xbox One. Panic Button know consoles inside out." 

Subnautica is an intriguing deep-sea journey that's well worth exploring. Set in the 22nd century where humanity has taken on the role of colonizing other planets, you're tasked with finding a missing ship during a mission to do just that. 

You find yourself stranded after a strange pulse of energy forces you out of orbit and to a strange ocean planet's surface. Using only the equipment on hand and what you can scavenge the deep blue, you've got to survive until you can find a way back home. 

It's going to make an excellent addition to PlayStation's lineup, especially if you like survival games. The current release date only lists holiday 2018. According to Jeremy, the team doesn't want to "promise" any dates, because they'll "inevitably be wrong." Panic Button's Adam Creighton said they're listening to feedback about utilizing the PlayStation VR, as the Steam version supports both Oculus and Vive.

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