Doom Eternal footage will debut at QuakeCon 2018


Doom Eternal is poised to make its official gameplay debut at QuakeCon 2018, offering attendees their very first look at what awaits for fans of the gory shooter. The footage will debut during the QuakeCon keynote, which will be livestreamed for those who can't attend. 

The game first made its surprise debut at E3 2018 this year, after a long period of silence regarding a sequel to 2016's excellent reboot. A short teaser aired during Bethesda's E3 2018 Showcase, giving players a quick glimpse of demons having taken over the living realm, a place that looked like a former Earth. A familiar thumping rhythm took over as we were finally introduced once more to the Doom Slayer.

As he loaded a shotgun and geared up to take on the demon hordes, we were thrust into hell once more during the presentation. It's been a while, but the familiar styling of Doom and its face melting goodness are certainly a sight for sore eyes.

We haven't seen much else of Doom Eternal so far, but we've been promised a host of things. Creative director Hugo Martin, said the follow up will have a "more powerful" Doom Slayer and a selection of "badass demons." There are also a few surprises in store, Martin teased, but we're essentially in the dark about everything else on offer. 

Hopefully, following our first legitimate look at gameplay on Aug. 10, Bethesda will let additional details slip about other aspects of Doom Eternal. Like a demon getting its skull caved in, we're dying to know more.

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