Pokemon Go teases addition of new Generation IV Pokemon

Pokémon Go is celebrating it’s second anniversary this weekend with Pokémon Go Fest 2018, and Niantic has just released a brand new piece of artwork (via Twitter/Instagram) spotlighting features added to the game in the past year. For example, trainers are shown trading Pokémon, with a Gift set on the table beside them. Professor Willow sits in the background conducting his research. Recently added Pokémon are depicted throughout the piece, including Mew, Party Hat Pikachu, and even one of the game’s most recent additions, Alolan Dugtrio (which can be obtained starting this weekend).

But those aren't the Pokémon capturing people's imagination.

A number of Generation IV Pokémon, including the starters Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup have made their first appearance in the game's world! Generation IV Pokémon, first seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, are not yet available in Pokémon Go, so their inclusion in this new piece of art appears to be a pretty major teaser of their upcoming release. It’s also worth noting that Celebi is also pictured, though Niantic have already confirmed that the beloved Mythical Pokémon is on its way.

It’s worth noting that the addition of Generation IV to Pokémon Go will not only add tons of new Pokémon to catch, but should also introduce cross-generational evolutionary forms for some Pokémon already available in the game. We’ll likely see the addition of powerful third evolutions for popular Pokémon, such as the Kirlia evolution Gallade and Togepi’s final evolution Togekiss, as well as the fourth Generation’s Eeveelutions: Leafeon and Glaceon.

No specific details regarding the release of this Generation have yet been confirmed, though it’s obvious that Niantic will plan to continue adding new Pokémon to the game. It could be speculated that the Gen IV release is the “Special Bonus Unlock” for complete worldwide accomplishment of the current Global Challenges (check ‘em out here). However, it’s more than likely we’d see Gen IV added to Pokémon Go regardless of any event completion.