Elder Scrolls Online's Newest DLC, Wolfhunter: Everything You Need to Know


Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC, Wolfhunter is already around the corner. If it feels like the last DLC, Summerset, came out only a few months ago. Because it did.

Still, Wolfhunter has us excited. It promises to be absolutely packed with new content, and that's something we can all get behind.

Both Wolfhunter and Murkmire (the DLC lined up for after Wolfhunter) were announced by Bethesda at E3 last month. It came as a shock, if only because of the sheer frequency of DLC lately. Since the announcement, Bethesda has been very forthcoming about Wolfhunter's details.

Here is everything we know about the new expansion, including new features, changes, and more.

A release date for Wolfhunter is currently unknown, but the DLC is now on the Public Test Server.

It's all about those werewolves

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If you've been dying to get your werewolf fix since you joined the Companions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then good news. A bad moon is on the rise. Wolfhunter is all about our fanged, furry friends: The werewolves.

Werewolves have been a part of the game since its release in 2014, but they've been missing that special something that makes being a big ferocious, transforming monster feel complete. Apparently, Bethesda thinks so too, because the werewolf system, all its abilities, Blood Rage, and more, is all being improved.

This DLC takes you on a journey through the realm of Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the hunt, also known as the Hunting Grounds. This realm is home to an everlasting conflict between hunt and prey, and you'll be thrown into the middle of it. This DLC might be some full moon madness, but it's just about the hunters as it is the wolves, as hinted at by a sweet new crafting style.

Two new dungeons

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The expansion will have two new dungeons, each to explore the two different themes of the DLC. First, March of Sacrifices will take you through Hircine's Hunting Grounds to battle against other hunters and eventually fight a very powerful Indrik, which is a weird cross between a stag and a sort of canine (there are a few of them on the Summerset Isles already). The reward for this dungeon is a sort of boon or blessing from Hircine.

The second dungeon, Moon Hunter Keep, is an ancient Silver Dawn garrison. The Silver Dawn are werewolf hunters in the world of Tamriel. Vykosa, a powerful werewolf, and her pack have taken over the fortress and threaten Tamriel as a whole. As more and more were-beasts flock to Vykosa's cause, you must venture into the keep to stop her at all costs.

Both new dungeons will feature new monsters and enemies, including a werewolf behemoth, which is something new to the Elder Scrolls franchise. There will be several difficulty modes, new gear sets, masks, collectibles, and more. You'll receive a free Werewolf Hunter hat just for entering one of the dungeons, which will be weird to wear if you're also a werewolf.

New PVP Battleground and system update

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A brand new Battleground is coming with Wolfhunter's update, which will be available to all players. Istirus Outpost is located along Cyrodiil's southwest border, and it features some stone structures that look an awful lot like those in the Alliance War. This Battleground has some unique twists, like a semi-symmetrical map and the enabling of mounts, which is a first for any Battleground.

The Alliance War is also changing. A new item called the Keep Recall Stone is being added. This item will allow you to recall back to a keep. Resources and keep levels are being condensed with this update too, and keep degradation is making a comeback.

Respec update

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A new respec system is being added with this DLC as well, which will also be available to all players regardless of what's been purchased. This new respec system will allow you to be much more specific when refunding your skill points. You'll be able to remove skills individually, rather than refunding them all at once.

You'll still be able to refund all of them at the same time if you want, but this update opens up much cheaper and accessible respecs for serious players who want to try out new playstyles and fit into new metas.

There is also a large host of balance changes coming to the game's classes, but Bethesda has not revealed what those are.

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