Fortnite's new toys let you play golf, basketball, and volleyball

Fortnite: Battle Royale's Season 5 has brought us viking warships and toilet paper rolls, but one of the coolest new additions are the "toys" you can use to play games within the game. These athletic extracurriculars include basketball, golf, and volleyball. You can only access each item if you own the Season 5 Battle Pass, and each runs 950 V-Bucks in the store.

When you buy the items to play with (they're just the balls you need to play) you'll unlock vanilla versions of each item before you can get "fancy" upgrades, with the tiers as follows:

  • Basketball - Tier 11
  • Golf Ball - Tier 27
  • Beach Ball - Tier 43
  • Fancy Golf Ball - Tier 59
  • Fancy Beach Ball - Tier 75
  • Fancy Basketball - Tier 91

When you've picked one of these toys up, you can only use one at a time, so there won't be any epic sports parties simultaneously. You'll have to choose only one to carry with you. When you have a toy equipped, you'll need to head to the proper area on found in Fortnite to play your desired game. 

For example, you can play basketball at one of the courts dotting the map, and you can go to the new Lazy Links to play golf. There's even a new golf kart to hit the 18 like a pro. As an added bonus, shots show up on your kill feed as well. Be careful, obviously, as you don't want folks picking you off while you're trying to get a hole-in-one. 

Of course, none of these items have any real value when it comes to securing your Victory Royale, but you have to admit they make for some very interesting ways to change up how you play with others in Fortnite. And given all the other changes that have come to the game in Season 5, it's just the icing on the cake that is the massive amount of content that was just added. We're hoping to see more cool Easter eggs like this coming in the future.