PUBG's new Sanhok map is getting its own weapon and vehicle


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has revealed two exclusive items that will be coming to its latest map, Sanhok.

Both new items, a vehicle and a designed marksman rifle (DMR), will only be found on the new tropical locale. They will be available first on the game's test servers "soon" before being pushed live.

Players will soon be able to joyride the Rony, a pickup truck. PUBG Corp says that it can carry up to four passengers and excels at moving across Sanhok's hilly landscapes. You're definitely going to need a vehicle with good suspension for such a bumpy ride.

The more exciting of the two items, however, is the QBU. This is a new 5.56 DMR that will replace the Mini14 in the Sanhok loot table. It's a bullpup DMR that holds 10 rounds or 20 with an extended mag.

The QBU has identical recoil and ballistics to the Mini14, although it has slightly higher bullet damage. What sets the QBU apart is the already-attached bipod which makes for very low recoil when prone. It has insanely high recoil when standing and firing quickly, so the bipod will be the way to go.

The QBU also has the lowest per-bullet damage in class, but the highest initial bullet speed of all DMR's, so PUBG Corp says that it is ideal for medium to long range engagements.

PUBG has a long history of map-specific weapons and items, so these two should come as no surprise. There was no specific date given for their release, but they will most likely hit the test servers in the coming days.

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