The Nintendo Labo Creators Contest winners cooked up some veritable magic


The Nintendo Labo Creators Contest has concluded, amassing a treasure trove of creative player-made inventions. The winners in North America have all been selected. Top spots in all categories include a solar-powered accordion, a Toy-Con Piano inspired by The Legend of Zelda, and a teapot time management mini game. 

There were three categories for winners: Best Decorated Toy-Con, Best Toy-Con Mod, and Best Original Invention. "The Legend of Music" dominated in the Best Decorated Toy-Con category, featuring some rather intricate Zelda-centric details. The miniature piano features a Master Sword on top, with other cute little accents, such as red and green mushrooms. 

For the Best Toy-Con Mod, one of the winners included an analog clock mod that comes equipped with an alarm, so you can use your Switch to wake you up instead of staying up too late. 

The winner for Best Original Invention is truly off the beaten path. A time management mini game featuring a teapot called "Tea Time." Pouring the teapot is the primary way to play, watching as the cup fills up on your Switch screen. There are four different teas on-screen that correspond to each cardboard teapot, and it's impressive to see how its creator rigged things up, especially using a Joy-Con for each teapot lid. 

Another musical highlight isn't Zelda-themed like piano, but it wouldn't be out of place in Kass' wing-hands. One of the most impressive gizmos came in the form of the Solar-Powered Accordion. It utilizes sunlight detection to create the instrument's sound and takes the Joy-Con's IR camera to figure out which holes are being covered for each note. It's some Labo wizardry, especially since most of us are still stuck on fiddling with the default projects Nintendo laid out for us. 

If you're itching to see more of folks' crazy creative inventions, you can head over to the contest page to browse through the various entries.

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