CD Projekt Red plans to make another game in The Witcher series


Game developer CD Projekt Red will not be making The Witcher 4, but it seems to have plans for another installment in the uber-popular series.

In an interview with Polish site Bankier, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński revealed that the studio won't "leave the world of The Witcher." He elaborated a little bit, saying The Witcher is one franchise CD Projekt Red intends to use as a foundation for the company.

The Witcher series—and more specifically, The Witcher 3—is widely beloved by gaming fans. Known for its nuanced and engaging storytelling, as well as the sheer amount of content to discover, many have touted the series and its latest creation as the greatest of all time.

For that reason, it was understandable why fans would be disappointed when CD Projekt Red said in March it wouldn't be creating The Witcher 4. Kiciński's reason for this is that the series was always meant to be a trilogy, which seems to indicate that time is up for Geralt of Rivia, who served as the series' protagonist. And while that may sadden fans, there's something to be happy about.

Sure, the next chapter of The Witcher story is still unknown, but a semi-confirmation of a new game by the developing studio's CEO should give fans at least a bit of hope and excitement for the future of the franchise.

H/T TechSpot

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