Twitch is getting a GIPHY extension


The memes... are coming. Twitch partnering with the GIF platform GIPHY for a new extension, bringing its whole library of animated GIFs to the live streaming service.

The addition is part of Twitch's extensions program, which allows streamers to customize their channel with the company's suite of live applications. The GIPHY extension will make it easy for viewers to post GIFs to "a section of the screen predetermined by the streamer," Twitch said in a press release. If a streamer activates the GIPHY extension, viewers will be able to access the app during a live stream and enter a search term to hunt down that perfect looping riff.

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"Extensions are a great framework designed to make channels on Twitch more interactive so creators can better engage and retain their fans," Twitch developer Amir Shevat said in a statement. "With GIPHY tapping into their extensive library of animated GIFs for their new extension, it adds a fun and compelling new element to the social video experience that is sure to resonate with the current meme generation."

Streamers interested in installing the GIPHY extension will find it in the dashboard's Extension Manager with all the other extensions. Twitch made a bunch of changes to its extensions service in June, giving streamers the ability to use up to six video extensions at once. Twitch users have the ability to put three overlay extensions over their stream, with three more available below the video.

On top of GIPHY, Twitch said then it has "thousands" of extensions in development.

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