New Hearthstone legendaries from The Boomsday Project revealed


Three new cards have been revealed from Hearthstone's next expansion, including two legendaries.

The cards were revealed in a new Hearthside chat video discussing some of the wider themes and flavor of the set. Each class apparently has a distinct scientific speciality reflected in their cards. Mages are astronomers, Shamans are meteorologists, and Warlocks research souls. According to the video Warlocks were originally mathematicians.

Supercollider is a new Warrior weapon. With this being a science set it can't just be a normal weapon—instead, this weapon is far more about getting your opponent's minions to damage each other than actually dealing damage. It might have just one attack of its own for five mana, but when used strategically this can do massive amounts of damage to a board.

Flobbidinous Floop is the Druid legendary from the set, with a familiar Barnes-shaped storyline. The effect isn't completely dissimilar either. While this is in your hand, it's a 3/4 copy of the last minion you played. Immediately this looks to have a home in Malygos Druid, so expect to see people trying that out in week one.

It wouldn't be a Hearthstone expansion without some completely crazy legendaries. This one replaces your whole deck, allowing you to build just a one-card deck to start a game with. Whizbang replaces your hero too. It will pull you a deck from one of the in-game deck recipes. Those don't tend to be that good, but it's a fun gimmick.

The Boomsday Project is currently available to pre-order, and will be released on Aug. 7.

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