Gay Tony returns in GTA Online's After Hours


Grand Theft Auto V's GTA Online is getting some pulse-pounding new EDM content next week in what Rockstar Games is calling GTA Online: After Hours.

The new contest tasks you with partnering with "legendary impresario Tony Prince" to open up a nightclub in Los Santos. It will feature actual performances from world-class DJ's like Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna.

It's not all club music and bottle service, of course. Your nightclub will act as a front, as they often do in San Andreas, for seedier criminal underworld activities. And car antics.

Tony "Gay Tony" Prince was the star, but not the playable character, in Grand Theft Auto IV's "The Ballad of Gay Tony" DLC expansion all the way back in 2009. In that campaign, you worked as Tony Prince's personal assistant, working to clear his debts, fighting off the local gangs who have it out for him, and stealing back a $2 million dollar diamond stash. Nearly ten years later, it seems that the infamous Gay Tony is back, hitting San Andreas for the after-party to end all after-parties.

The trailer promises new cutscenes, new action, and a bunch of new ridiculous over-the-top, irreverent characters that GTA is known for.

"The party starts on July 24," Rockstar said about the upcoming content, so keep your consoles and PC's dialed to GTA V this upcoming Tuesday to see what After Hours has in store.

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