Silver Sable and Norman Osborn's hair mean business in new Spider-Man trailer


All summer long, PlayStation owners and web-heads alike have awaited Insomniac Games' turn at creating a Spider-Man game. Every time we see Peter Parker, his day seems to be getting worse. The E3 trailer had him getting busted up by the Sinister Six, and in the brand new trailer out of San Diego Comic-Con we see Parker up against his greatest foe of all.

Norman Osborn has plagued Spider-Man his entire career, pulling strings as the head of Oscorp Industries and throwing pumpkin bombs as the heinous Green Goblin. While Insomniac's Spider-Man game has shown us the Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, Shocker, Electro, Kingpin and the goofily named Mister Negative, we have yet to see Spidery's signature menace. Now Insomiac has revealed Osborn with his most comic-accurate hairdo in an adaptation so far.

Yes, he isn't wearing any goblin mask but in a three-piece suit straight out of Flubber and hair by Willy Wonka, Osborn proves to be just as off-putting. A wolf in fox's clothing, whatever havoc is ripping apart New York City is likely the work of Spider-Man's arch nemesis.

The trailer also introduces Spider-Man's sometimes friend sometimes foe Silver Sable, who in the comics is typically an agent or hired gun. In Insomniac's game she doesn't seem to hesitate to pull a gun on Spider-Man, so the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man might be getting squeezed on both ends. Thankfully, Spider-Man is aided by Mary Jane Watson and fan-favorite Miles Morales, the newer, younger Spider-Man who will be getting his own movie later this year.

We'll see how Spider-Man gets out of this mess on Sept. 7.

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