Nintendo's third Labo kit travels by land, sea, and air


The Nintendo Labo, a series of designer cardboard doohickeys for the Nintendo Switch, have appealed to many player's inner-musicians, inner-mech pilots and, assuming they aren't already children, inner-child. Nintendo has now unveiled their third Labo kit, which will turn any living room into an all-purpose garage.

Called the Vehicle Kit, the new expansion takes a Pilotwings-approach to the paper crafting series. With cardboard steering wheels, gas pedals and gear shifts, Labo users will have access to a series of all-terrain vehicles, planes and submarines. Just a train short of myself and various other games writers being able to allude to the same John Candy movie.

In Nintendo's "First Look" video, we see that this Labo kit is more than just a joyride in the country. You'll be able to customize your vehicles, go on deep-sea treasure expeditions, shoot down score-attack balloons, lob bombs, play golf, compete against your friends in multiplayer modes, and deforest trees if that was for some reason a thing you were hoping to do. The singular vehicle transforms for land, sea and air. Virtually, that is. It is doubtful the Labo's cardboard can withstand the harsh seawater.

At first confusing, the Labo has become one of Nintendo's many quirky hits, a trend that has continued with not only the Switch itself, but some of its unassuming software as well. The first Labo kit was a variety pack, featuring musical instruments and fishing rods. The second was all about giant robot smashin'. A recent patch enabled the Labo steering wheel to be compatable with Mario Kart 8, hinting that Nintendo was already revving about the Labo's driving aptitude.

The Vehicle Kit arrives on Sept. 14.

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