Call of Duty fans get their first look at Blackout in the new Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta trailer


A new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's upcoming private multiplayer beta was just released—and fans were especially excited about the end of the short video.

Although the majority of this trailer featured footage from Black Ops 4 multiplayer, the last 30 seconds were devoted to Blackout, the new Call of Duty battle royale mode coming in Black Ops 4.

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The footage showcases a gory sniper kill, as well as some of the land, air, and sea vehicles that might be available in the battle royale mode. There are also "glitches" that cause the Blackout portion of the trailer to skip—but Charlie Intel has posted screengrabs so we can more clearly see what was on display.

One of the screengrabs, for example, teases that the Zombies map Verrückt might be a part of the Blackout experience. It also looks like Nuketown and Raid could be featured in the Blackout map—and we get a look at one of the sea vehicles with the multiplayer map Cargo in the background.

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Although none of this is confirmed by Activision or Treyarch at this time, the fact that these screengrabs were found in an official trailer should indicate that fans can expect these maps to be a part of Blackout in some capacity.

Players will get their first chance to try out the Black Ops 4 battle royale mode in the Blackout private beta, which is coming in September. Black Ops 4 will officially be released on Oct. 12.

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