PUBG leaves early access on Xbox One, adds Sanhok map


PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds for Xbox One is finally leaving early access today. The release comes with a bunch of new features, modes, and a brand new map.

Sanhok is PUBG's smaller map and was first released on PC back in June. The map introduced the QBZ95, a Sanhok exclusive weapon that replaced the SCAR-L in the loot pool. A new vehicle, the Rony, was also introduced in the newest patch.

Sanhok is themed after an east Asian island complete with caves and ruins. It is a lot smaller than PUBG's first two maps, Miramar and Erangel. The smallness of the map means that you are more than likely to encounter other players, which also means quicker matches.

Weapon skins, parachute skins, playlists, and a new crate system were also added in the Xbox One patch. War Games, however, is nowhere to be found.

War Games was the custom game option added to the game to provide more variety from the usual matches. In recent months, this has spawned fun little extra game features, including the recent Crossbow and Gillie Suit only mode that just left the PC version's rotation.

War Mode will be coming to Xbox One soon, but PUBG Corp have yet to reveal exactly when. Custom Matches are also a feature that PUBG Corp will be looking to implement at some point after War Mode goes live.

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