Marvel heroes arrive in Kingdom Hearts III's TGS trailer


Since it debuted in 2002, the Kingdom Hearts series has sought to bridge the gap between the somber sword and sorcery of Final Fantasy with Disney's catalogue of cartoon peoples. At that point, recent Disney properties included Tarzan, Treasure Planet and the Baby Sinclair-less Dinosaur. Since then, that catalogue has expanded dramatically, now including the Marvel universe, Star Wars and as of this summer approval to add The Simpsons.

Long story short: Marvel heroes have begun to fill Kingdom Heart's IP basin with a world based on Big Hero 6.

Sora, Goofy, and Donald have found themselves in San Fransokyo, the hybridized tech-hub from Disney's 2014 animated feature. Teaming up with Baymax, Hiro, Go-Go and Wasabi, Kingdom Heart's Tokyo Game Show trailer shows this team-up taking on heartless and the tech-savvy Yokai alike. Sora's own keyblade seems to have gotten an upgrade from Baymax's armor tech.

A Big Hero 6 world was announced not long after Kingdom Hearts III was confirmed, but this trailer marks to first appearance of Marvel heroes in the fan-fared action RPG. Big Hero 6 was Disney's first animated adaptation of a Marvel character. While it doesn't have direct ties to the Avengers universe proper, their comic counterparts were essentially the Japanese X-Men, including X-Men regulars Sunfire and Silver Samurai.

The Tokyo Game Show trailer also shows off more of the Monsters Inc. and Toy Story-inspired worlds, as the Pixar library of films have also been added to Kingdom Hearts for the first time. Next time, wake me up when they add Disney's Condorman.

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