EA wants to add disability options to The Sims 4


The Sims 4 could eventually allow players to customize differently-abled sims, allowing for sims in wheelchairs, among other options.

Producer Grant Rodiek wrote on Twitter last week that The Sims 4's team is "actively pondering" the addition of disability options in Create-A-Sim. Fans have actively lobbied for the addition, and the Electronic Arts team is listening, it seems. "Give us some time," Rodiek tweeted. "It's important."

Rodiek has been tweeting about the possibility of disability options in The Sims 4 for a few months now. In June, he said the developer had talked to some The Sims 4 players who use wheelchairs to help solve some design challenges within the game. He added: "It's be very very cool to do." In August, he updated fans, saying that it's still something the team would like to accomplish.

The Sims 4 is one of the more inclusive communities in gaming, with the EA team often supporting fans' desire for more diverse offerings. The developer added gender customization options, which overhauled the Create-A-Sim system in 2016 to let players adjust body frame and clothing preferences, among other options. In February, the developer added new, darker skin tones and a few more curly hair options. (There's still work to be done with The Sims 4's options in creating black sims, but Rodiek said the team is working to improve options there, too.)

The Create-A-Sim system continues to evolve as the developer fixes problems with The Sims 4 diversity. Rodiek didn't give an explicit timeline for the potential updates he suggested last week.

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