You can soon nominate new PokéStops in Pokémon Go

A brand new feature coming to Pokémon Go will allow trainers to request brand new PokéStops close to their locations, meaning city hall will hopefully no longer need to intervene when the ferry docks get too crowded.

The PokéStop nomination system, as Niantic is calling it, will allow trainers to submit real life locations that don't currently have a PokéStop to become one.

One of the most frequent criticisms of the game is that it favors trainers in denser, urban areas, leaving more rural or suburban players in the cold. The feature will initially go live in Brazil and South Korea, and will only be open to trainers who are level 40 or above. More locations will be added to the program over time.

Trainers that meet these requirements will be able to submit photos and descriptions of the locations they want to see become PokéStops which will then be reviewed by experienced users of Ingress, Niantic's other AR mobile game.

Niantic has not announced when this new feature will go live at this time but hope that the nomination system will make the Pokémon Go experience even better.