Oh thank heavens there's an Animal Crossing coming to Nintendo Switch


We waited. And waited. And waited.

We prayed to whatever deity would listen.

We got mobile games, but our hearts were still empty. And we knew Nintendo knew.

Yes, Virginia, there is an Animal Crossing coming to Nintendo Switch. Sometime. In 2019.

Scant details about it, but it was dropped on the heels of Isabelle's confirmation for Super Smash Bros. We caught a glimpse of Tom Nook in his sleepy office, griping that with Isabelle gone there's still work to be done.

That work will continue on the Nintendo Switch, the system people have gone ga-ga over, when Animal Crossing, the series people have gone ga-ga over, arrives there next year.

Oh blessed day, I can hear the bells ringing. I better grab them all up to pay off my new, steep mortgage on my next fictional house.

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