Preview: Untitled Goose Game turns you into the ultimate pest


You ever want to steal a farmer's sandwich? Throw it into a pond? Spray that same farmer with a hose? Then Untitled Goose Game is the nest you might want to roost on.

From the minds over at House House, Untitled Goose Game puts you in control of a goose that exists solely to terrorize everyone it comes in contact with. You'll need to use your unbreakable beak, so strong it can pull gear that would break the neck of any normal goose, to make messes, flip over tables, and cause mischief most foul.

Sneak up on an elderly man to steal his keys just so you can toss them somewhere the geezer can't reach. Swipe some fruit from the shop keep while she chases you with a broom. A rampage with some purpose, to complete missions.

What does a goose do?

Image via House House

In the level we played at EGX, you are given a list of tasks, all revolving around being the biggest dick in the pond. Some of these tasks include simple things like opening gates. Others will require some brainpower for more creative solutions.

Use everything at your disposal: Carrying items in your beak and honking. Some experimentation will be necessary. For instance, to get the farmer soaked, you need to grab something of value to him and place it next to a sprinkler. Or you could grab the nearby watering can and fill it with water, pouring it manually over the poor schmuck for a more personal touch.

Hard goose life

The local folk that come in contact with your demon-in-goose-form are in for a day they will soon wish to forget. Your day might be plenty complicated, too.

Running can be tricky as you turn in wide arches, forcing you to slow your pace. Not everything can be so easily snatched up. Like the real life picnic bandits, stealthy might be required to cause mischief. Using foliage to hide from unsuspecting eyes only to pounce when least suspected. In one instance, we were forced to scare a farmer so much that his hat would fall off.

There is a lot to be enjoyed with this game. I implore anyone out there, good-natured or ill, to try House House's Untitled Goose Game.

Untitled Goose Game is set to release sometime at the start of 2019 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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