Are PS1, PS2, And DualShock 4 Controllers Compatible With PlayStation Classic?

PlayStation Classic Supported Controller List

On November 26, Sony released an unboxing video of PlayStation Classic on YouTube (don't worry if you missed it, we have it added it for you at the end of the article). It was a much needed updated as PlayStation fans got an early look at the overall package, the other accessories that will come in the package, and many other things. In addition to the unboxing video, Sony also shared a much needed PlayStation Classic Ultimate FAQ that carried answers to the some of the most asked questions from the PlayStation Community. One of the questions in the FAQ were regarding the DualShock 4, PS1, and PS2 controller support for PlayStation Classic.

PlayStation Classic Supported Controller List

Sony confirmed via FAQ that the PlayStation Classic is ONLY compatible with the controllers that come bundled with the console. In simple terms, you won't be able to your DualShock 4 controller or PS2 Controller or PlayStation 1 Controller with the PlayStation Classic. Check out below the part of the FAQ where Sony confirmed these details.

Can I use DualShock 4 with PlayStation Classic?

  • Only the included controllers are compatible with PlayStation Classic.

Are PS2 and PS1 controllers compatible with PS Classic?

  • The PS Classic is only compatible with official PS Classic controllers.

Sony also explained the how Disc Change functionality and Memory Cards/Save System will work on PlayStation Classic. About Disc Change functionality of PlayStation Classic, Sony said:

"In games that originally shipped on multiple discs, like Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid, when you reach the end of a "disc," press the "Open" button on the PlayStation Classic console to transition to the next virtual disc."

And about PlayStation Classic Memory Card/Save States working, Sony explained:

"Each title can support up to 15 virtual memory card slots, which you can manage from the console’s main UI. Just like the original PlayStation, once you delete a save file it fades away and cannot be recovered.

Additionally, pressing the Reset button on the PlayStation Classic console will bring you back out to the system’s main UI, creating a restore point wherever you left off in the game you were playing. Next time you play that game, you can return to the Restore point you had created before."

PlayStation Classic is scheduled to launch worldwide on December 3. Check out the list of 10 Games That Will Support 2-Player Multiplayer On PlayStation Classic.

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