"Million" Are Playing Fallout 76, Says Bethesda

"Million" Are Playing Fallout 76, Says Bethesda

The first few weeks have been quite a rough beginning for Fallout 76, but this doesn't seem to be harming its loyal userbase.

While we don't have any specific sales data, it's good to hear that "millions" are playing the game according to Bethesda.

“A huge thanks to all of you who have been playing Fallout 76 and embarking on this journey with us,” the studio wrote in a blog post.

“Millions of you are playing the game, and playing it a lot. We love hearing your stories, sharing your photos, and fighting alongside you in the quest to rebuild Appalachia.”

As said, we don't have any public information about F76 sales, but this sure enough is an indicator of good health for the game.

Bethesda has promised two major patches to be released on December 4 and 11, with a light respec, a stash increase and more.

"Million" Are Playing Fallout 76, Says Bethesda

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