RDR2 Online: List of Items That Unlocks At Each Rank In Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online All Rank And Items Unlock Guide

To Rank Up in Red Dead Online, you will have to earn XP, and you earn XP by completing various objectives such as completing missions, jobs, challenges, and many other things like that. The best part is that almost all the activities you do in Red Dead Online gives you some amount of XP boost, and you Rank Up (the highest RANK that you can reach is 100).

Red Dead Online All Rank And Items Unlock Guide

At each rank certain items get unlocked and you can buy them from the vendors in the game. These items include weapons, ability cards, cosmetic items like a hat, clothes, and many others. In this guide, we are going to list out which items get unlock at what Rank in Red Dead Online. So let's get started without any further ado.

Items/Weapons That Unlocks At Each Rank In Red Dead Online

Rank 05

  • Unlock: Pump Action Shotgun

Rank 07

  • Unlock: Bolt Action Rifle

Rank 08

  • Unlock: Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle

Rank 09

  • Unlock: Schofield Revolver

Rank 10

  • Unlock: Bow, Comeback Stronger ability card, Horseman ability card

Rank 11

  • Unlock: Repeating Shotgun

Rank 12

  • Unlock: Lancaster Repeater

Rank 13

  • Unlock: Rolling Block Rifle

Rank 14

  • Unlock: Fishing Rod

Rank 15

  • Unlock: Cleaver

Rank 16

  • Unlock: Dynamite, Necessity Breeds ability card

Rank 17

  • Unlock: Double-Action Revolver

Rank 18

  • Unlock: Lichfield Repeater, Landon’s Patience ability card

Rank 19

  • Unlock: Sawed-off Shotgun

Rank 20

  • Unlock: Binoculars, Hunker Down ability card

Rank 21

  • Unlock: Volcanic Pistol

Rank 22

  • Unlock: Semi-Automatic Pistol, To Fight Another Day ability card

Rank 23

  • Unlock: Lock Breaker

Rank 24

  • Unlock: Slow and Steady ability card, Fire Bottle

Rank 26

  • Unlock: The Unblinking Eye ability card

Rank 28

  • Unlock: Hatchet, Eye For An Eye ability card

Rank 30

  • Unlock: The Gift of Focus ability card

Rank 31

  • Unlock: Express Pistol Cartridges, Express Repeater Cartridges, Express Revolver Cartridges, Express Rifle Cartridges

Rank 32

  • Unlock: Machete, Strange Medicine ability card

Rank 34

  • Unlock: Mauser Pistol, Take The Pain Away ability card

Rank 36

  • Unlock: Tomahawk, Cold Blooded ability card

Rank 38

  • Unlock: Springfield Rifle, The Short Game ability card

Rank 40

  • Unlock: Of Single Purpose ability card

Rank 41

  • Unlock: High-Velocity Pistol Cartridges, High-Velocity Repeater Cartridges, High-Velocity Revolver Cartridges, High-Velocity Rifle Cartridges

Rank 42

  • Unlock: Semi-Auto Shotgun, Hangman ability card

Rank 44

  • Unlock: Shotgun Slug, Quite An Inspiration ability card

Rank 46

  • Unlock: Never Without One ability card

Rank 48

  • Unlock: Winning Streak ability card

Rank 50

  • Unlock: Carcano Rifle, Slippery Bastard ability card

Rank 65

  • Unlock: Fast Travel Post

We are yet to figure out which item unlocks at Rank 100 in Red Dead Online. If you have an information in this regard then let us know in the comment section below.

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